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Mane who struck his 20th goal of the league season in the Reds' recent 5-0 rout of Huddersfield Town was ineffectual for Jurgen Klopp's side as they temporarily regained top spot on 94 points. Good end to the race though Bottas should have overtaken Vettel he only really had the one chance. Probably had the thought in the back of his mind if he mucked it up it would allow Hamilton the win and confirm himself as number 2 driver and so was half hearted. Think this season will go the same way as last season even though Vettel has 2 wins the Mercedes are bloody fast! Click to expand Italy are coming off a 30-game unbeaten streak and haven't conceded in 10 matches so despite their front-foot approach they've coped well defensively. It's hard to see that run coming to an end against Austria.-- Gab Marcotti Who will win the Match It was sarcasm. The point was had Maryland's qb got hurt after the 1st quarter their fans could say the exact same things Penn State M I N/ O R H S100s50s4s6s Avg S/ R Ct St Sn Tid Ducks R/ O2016191035012 v S A00317.1459.5260 S A711201783165 v I N D00003.0050.0000 I N D41020186303322 v S A003011.0075.0020 S A71020191541118 v I N D00003.6657.8920 I N D41020201372287 v S A00205.6050.9010 S A70020213214836 v W I006048.0069.5610 W I900...

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Focus returns to the pitch in C O N M E B O L World Cup qualifying The new handball rule and V A R both need scrapping imo but since match going fans are not going to boycott over it (not with every major media outlet saying it has to stay) I would settle with captains getting 1 2 choices during a game with when to use it. Click to expand Recent Arsenal vs Leeds United Match 351 English Premier League 2021/22 Arsenal vs Leeds United 2022-05-07 T19:30 B;05:30 2022-05-07 T21:00 B;05:30 Emirates Stadium London Match 351 English Premier League 2021/22 Sat 07:30 P M Arsenal Leeds United Emirates Stadium London Full Scorecard English Recent Brentford vs Southampton Match 352 English Premier League 2021/22 Brentford vs Southampton 2022-05-07 T19:30 B;05:30 2022-05-07 T21:00 B;05:30 Brentford Community Stadium Brentford Match 352 English Premier League 2021/22 Sat 07:30 P M Brentford Southampton Brentford Community Stadium Brentford Full Scorecard English Recent Burnley vs Aston Villa Match 354 English Premier League 2021/22 Burnley vs Aston Villa 2022-05-07 T19:30 B;05:30 2022-05-07 T21:00 B;05:30 Turf Moor Burnley Match 354 And Norris . Live Football Score Newcastle United vs Liverpool Match Center Live Score on Apr 30 2022 - N D T V Sports Yes they are part of the same generation but a 17 year old and a 20 year old are at such different stages in development. When Sterling was still at school Gotze had already racked up 55 appearances for Dortmund. Neymar had around 150 appearances for Santos. Oscar had 64 appearances for Santos and Internacionale....

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I O M R W Best3w5w Avg E/ R S/ R Sn Tid Afghanistan1812522/250012.503.1224.00 A F G118855 Bangladesh11004011/400040.004.0060.00 B A N255 England11907424143/262030.284.7138.57 E N G355 India763.3334293/551038.005.3842.33 I N D455 New Zealand111035498246/522120.754.8325.75 N Z555 Pakistan548.53227114/352020.634.6426.63 P A K655 South Africa11105.510492205/312124.604.6431.75 S A755 Sri Lanka220010711/5100107.005.35120.00 S L855 West Indies645.46178115/501116.183.8924.90 W I955 If there was someone obvious who'd bring about improvements (beyond the normal honeymoon period) I reckon he'd have been binned already. But who is there that will be an obvious improvement and who'd be prepared to go there They're a big club no matter what but what decent manager who you could confidently say would get big improvements would be prepared to go somewhere with no Champions League football and with no real prospect with the players at the club of getting it back any time soon Poch maybe as his stock at Spurs has dropped in the last 12 months but it would be a backwards step for him currently. U E F A denies Munich request for rainbow stadium Comments Topics mentioned in this article Gymnastics Get the latest updates on T20 World Cup check out the T20 World Cup Schedule and Live Score . Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more sports updates. You can also download the N D T V Cricket app for Android or i O S. Mark 1978 News...

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