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The B B C quoted him as saying: " I hope to get the team to another European Championship -- it's not a job I'm going to leave easily. Creating Arsenal Football Team Latest Match Results - N D T V Sports Recent Manchester United vs West Bromwich Albion Game week 30 Manchester United vs West Bromwich Albion 2017-04-01 T19:30 B;05:30 2017-04-01 T19:30 B;05:30 Old Trafford Game week 30 Manchester United0 West Bromwich Albion0 Match Completed Full Scorecard English Essien (Ghana vs. Togo) Leicester City Burnley View By : Yellow Card Goal Red Card Substitute All Match Completed Full Time90' Tarkowski 87' Mc Neil Lennon 85' V A R D Y 78' Lookman Maddison 77' Barnes 75' Vydra Barnes 68' Gudmundsson 62' Soumare Iheanacho 60' Westwood 46' Pereira Castagne Half- Time45' Cornet Gudmundsson 45' Cornet 40' Cornet 37' V A R D Y 12' V A R D Y...

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There is concern among some Spurs fans that Santo's approach may be too pragmatic or conservative for the club's attacking players to perform at their free-flowing best. The same criticism has been levelled at Southgate despite reaching the Euro 2020 final and putting England on course to qualify for next year's World Cup. However there must also be a fear that another element in play is Kane simply struggling to find the same purpose after being denied the move he craves. W W F C Fantasy Football Recent Brighton & Hove Albion vs ChelseaEnglish Premier League 2018-19 Brighton & Hove Albion vs Chelsea 2018-12-16 T19:00 B;05:30 2018-12-16 T19:00 B;05:30 Amex Stadium FalmerEnglish Premier League 2018-19 Brighton & Hove Albion1 Chelsea291 Full Scorecard English Petrov to Rangers ? Today's headlines Wisconsin Over M S U...

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Olympics 2012 Photo Gallery News Images Pictures - N D T V Sports The International Lockdown draft Formations and Tactics Moldova 3-0 San Marino 23 Abdul Rahman Baba Casualfan and haw Adam Masina...

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