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Chelsea Arsenal See More when will this window actually open the press seems to have decided to go back to full on making up of rumours for click bait. How long do we need to endure Click to expand I O M R W Best3w5w Avg E/ R S/ R Sn Tid Away6211160124/34 v I N D0013.337.6110.50 I N D440 Home2592.50840283/17 v A F G2030.009.0419.89 A F G118840 Neutral935.40229173/17 v A F G3013.476.4212.58 A F G118840 bell Where should Luke Shaw be playing football next season? Matthew Wade Photos...

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S A N S A L V A D O R El Salvador -- The United States men's national team experienced precisely the kind of game against El Salvador that it expected even if it wasn't the result -- or performance -- it wanted. And while the U. S walked away with something in tying 0-0 with Los Cuscatlecos one couldn't help but sense that points were left on the table. Vettel's first day at Ferrari. Odd seeing him in red I O M R W Best3w5w Avg E/ R S/ R Sn Tid Away1869.21601183/19 v P B K S2033.388.6623.11 P B K S110762 Home1869.30616243/19 v P B K S1025.668.8617.37 P B K S110762 Neutral2697.24766344/18 v C S K2022.527.8617.17 C S K110862 Test O D I World Cup T20 I C L I P L My father in law said some of the formations were mental compared to nowadays. 4 up top etc. Arsenal4-2-3-1 That's a shame. I'd have become a Newcastle United Executive Box holder if she was in charge Click to expand...

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113 kyle toon Tottenham Hotspur Roma Provide Stardust In New Europa Conference League 148 Members who reacted to message #37 Hawkeye S W O...

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