Juan Mata: Prince of the King’s Road

Jan 3 • Callum West, Featured, Guest Contributor, Player Features • 23776 Views • 7 Comments

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In a footballing world full of suit jackets and ripped jeans, clichéd sound bite interviews about how ‘the lads done well’, shit nicknames and tweets about who in the squad has the best banter Juan Mata is a rare beacon of hope – smart in both senses of the word.

Rather than living in the white leather sofa and vulgar ‘OK!’ or ‘Hello’ spread commuter belt mansions of his peers, he lives in the middle of London in an apartment overlooking the Thames and has taken to exploring his adopted city with gusto and you’re more likely to find him admiring an exhibition in the Tate or mooching about Hoxton or Camden in a pair of Adidas Originals than falling out of China White in a garish garments, glamour model in tow.

Combining his career with studying for a second degree, he is as cerebral as he is talented on the pitch. In short he is the thinking man’s footballer, a Pat Nevin for the 21st Century.

And what a footballer he is, elegance and poise personified, the most beautiful to watch in the league in full flow with the ball at his feet. An equal eye for goal or defence splitting pass, the best to grace the Stamford Bridge pitch since Zola.

Chelsea fans have taken him to their heart since his arrival from Valencia two and a half years ago. As much for his celebrations after scoring the winner at White Hart Lane and the old photo of Stamford Bridge that adorns the wall of his Putney flat that shows he ‘gets it’ as the goals and trophies that led to Mata being awarded player of the year twice.

No man is bigger than the club, and the manager’s track record is unparalleled and unquestionable. Nor can you argue with the form of creative contemporaries, particularly Oscar and Hazard, but it is and has been an absolute joy to have him represent Chelsea and the club would be a poorer place, both on and off the pitch, if Mata were to be allowed to leave.

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7 Responses to Juan Mata: Prince of the King’s Road

  1. JM says:

    yeah but what’s his favourite Nando’s

  2. bluebrain says:

    Fantastic piece and no one can argue with what you say. In a world of lowest common denominators he is a fabulous beacon of light. I hppe he stays as he adds integrity as well as talent to CFC

  3. Uzoegheli says:

    I have been following Mata game since JM second coming, two things : it is either mata do not want to play for the manager or he is no longer up to the standard demanded of him perhaps becUse we have other gifted players that have come in , hazard is in another world altogether, williiam is shaking off his Russian adventure and becoming increasingly a bomb, Oscar is a natural number 10. 
    I remember  maradona, zidane, messi , these are no 10′s , when the team seems to be out of ideas , these are the number 10′s that can weave through 3 players and set up goals or even score,  but Mata is not these kinds and can never be those kinds, hazard could be, Oscar could and even  William can do these kind of things, mata is a sedentary playmaker and cannot fit into the current Chelsea system,, we all remember Deco, sneider , ozil or Ronaldo and overall team contribution to Mou’s  Madrid.  Mourinho demands a lot from hid players and this include mata , so mata needs to change or adapt -it is as simple as that, Mata should be adviced against going on media campaign against the manager or indulging in popularity contest with Jose – these are fights  too many for him and can only achieve little . Honestly   failure on his side is not acceptable especially since Mata believe he is a superstar. 
    Chelsea hired him to play football and understand the demands of the manager , so  like Jose said , the door is open.

  4. RoM Reads says:

    […] Plains of Almeria gives a Chelsea fan’s perspective of Mata. […]

  5. […] Plains of Almeria gives a Chelsea fan’s perspective of Mata. […]

  6. Tommy says:

    Its took the lad years but he might just might finally be about to join a big club!

  7. […] Plains of Almeria gives a Chelsea fan’s perspective of Mata. […]

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